Thursday, August 29, 2013

Raging Chicken Press Internships (Spring/Summer 2014)

Raging Chicken Press, a progressive, activist-oriented media site based in Kutztown, PA, seeks interns for Spring and Summer 2014.

Established in 2011, Raging Chicken Press covers labor, public education, natural gas drilling, public policy, and a range of regional and national issues. They currently receive about 15,000 page views/month with a high of 31,000 in June 2013. Raging Chicken Press is committed to investigative journalism and critical reporting that is relevant and useful to progressives and citizen activists.

Raging Chicken Press (RCPress) seeks 1-2 part-time interns (20 hours/week) for Spring 2014 and
Summer 2014. Primary responsibilities will include:
  • Writing/Reporting/Designing: Intern will take the lead in pitching, researching, and writing/designing at least two (2) submissions (1000 – 2500 words) for publication in RCPress. Submissions must be relevant and useful to their mission and to their readers.
  • Rick Smith Files Editor: The Rick Smith Show is a labor-oriented radio program based out of Harrisburg, PA. RCPress has a close relationship with the show and publishes a series called “The Rick Smith Files” that features interviews and segments from the show. Intern will assist in choosing interviews to feature on RCPress, coordinate with Rick Smith Show producer, transcribe featured interviews, and design layout for posts.
  • Social Media: RCPress has a very strong social media presence. Interns will help maintain their social media presence using tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google + and Pinterest.
  • Monthly Coordinating Meetings: Intern(s) will participate in monthly coordinating meetings.Meetings are held on-line via Google Hangouts.
This is an UNPAID internship. Academic credit may be available depending upon the school or
institution in which the intern is enrolled.

Applicants should have a demonstrated commitment to progressive politics and activism. A strong
applicant will have a track record of progressive/activist involvement. Applicants should have solid writing skills and/or experience with video/audio production. Applicants need to be able to work independently and communicate regularly via email, messaging, phone, and video chats. Familiarity with Google tools such as docs and Google+ hangouts a plus. Preference will be given to Pennsylvania students currently in their junior or senior year of college.

Letters of interest should be sent to Kevin Mahoney, Editor of Raging Chicken Press, at
ragingchickenpress[at]gmail[dot]com with the subject line "Internship Application." Letters should include a brief discussion of background in progressive/activist politics and a writing/video/audio sample. Applicants should become familiar with the site before submitting materials.
  • Spring 2014 Deadline: Materials should be received by November 15, 2013.
  • Summer 2014 Deadline: Materials should be received by April 4, 2014

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