Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Philebrity Internships (Fall 2013)

Philebrity is currently seeking some scrappy young college kids — or unemployed burnouts who are trying to rebuild their lives — for what is quite possibly the world’s most adventurous internship.

Philebrity interns frequently scale rocky mountainsides, make bombs out of sugar and a pocketknife and spearfish in the lower registers of the world wide web. Here’s the type we’re looking for:
  • those with a concentration/interest in publishing, new media and music
  • those unafraid of writing and organizing information
  • those with an interest in marketing and events
  • those who know what a Photoshop is
  • those who have their own senses of style and taste
  • those who like to go to stuff for free
If you meet any combination or all of these criteria, we would like to talk with you, and soon. Send your resume and writing samples to our email address: tips[at]philebrity[dot]com with “INTERN ME!” in the subject header. Snappiest cover letter gets the worm.


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