Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kutztown University Small Business Development Center Internship

Kutztown Small Business Development Center (KU SBDC)
Kutztown University Foundation Professional Building
15155 Kutztown Rd.
Kutztown, PA 19530

Basic Skills:
Writing, editing, social media

Advanced Skills:
(While these skills are not required, previous experience is preferred) Experience in social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Blogger; desktop publishing; web design; brochure design; newsletter writing; newspaper writing; email communication; multilingual communication; teaching social media; and professionalism.

150 or 300 hours may be available, subject to the number of applicants. Fall and Spring internship positions are available, Summer internships will be considered on a case-by-case basis with advisor communication and approval.

This is an unpaid internship.

The intern will be responsible for maintaining the social media outlets for the KU SBDC. The basic outlets are a blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts. The intern will be expected to find or produce content to post; participate in online networking and conversation; and increase the social media contacts of the KU SBDC.

The intern will also write articles for the monthly newsletters; client success stories; press releases; brochures; formal letters, formal reports and correspondence as needed. Editing skills will be used to edit reports; client publications; work by other interns/graduate assistants/staff of the SBDC; previous content and client content.

Due to the position, it may be needed for the intern to travel to another location or take part in meetings with clients of the KU SBDC. Appropriate attire and attitude are required to take part in these opportunities. In addition to managing social media for the KU SBDC, the intern may need to communicate social media skills to clients or to other KU SBDC members.

The office is located on the main street of Kutztown and is visible from the campus, easily within walking distance. On-site parking is available at any time for interns. The KU SBDC has a wide range of opportunities available for interns to work in their own fields of interest and learn from others. Graduate assistants and interns from other majors at Kutztown University also have positions with the SBDC.

The KU SBDC also has the opportunity to allow interns to take part in professional seminars, workshops and opportunities at other locations as they become available.

The KU SBDC works with local small businesses to help them plan for future success. This involves examination of demographics; locating financing; market research; product or service evaluation; selecting a business location and networking with other appropriate business partners.

This is a non-profit organization funded by Kutztown University and the Small Business Association. The KU SBDC is one of 18 different SBDCs throughout the state of Pennsylvania and has other offices in Reading, Exton, Harrisburg and Lancaster.

Contact: Peter Hornberger | hornberg[at]kutztown[dot]edu | (484) 646-4012

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