Friday, February 3, 2012

Screenwriter/director Ben Hickernell and Lebanon, PA screening

Screenwriter/director Ben Hickernell and his film Lebanon, PA

Wednesday, February 22, 2012 
6:30 p.m. | MSU Alumni Auditorium

Michael Moore says, “One of the best American indies of the year. It is very layered, it’s a great story, and any mainstream audience would love it. And yet, there are some plot-twists in the film that you haven’t seen in an American feature film... It’s not an experimental film, it’s not a politically charged film or whatever; it’s a nice story, but within the story, he does a couple of subversive things that you just sit there and you go wow … wow, I haven’t seen that in a film, that’s something. So good on him.”

Stephen Holden (The New York Times): “Lebanon, Pa. retells the old story of the city mouse and the country mouse while meticulously applying it to America’s simmering culture wars … Rachel Kitson, who plays CJ, the mouthy, forthright teenager at the center of the storm, illuminates a movie that is otherwise so studiously balanced an examination of teenage pregnancy that it deserves a medal for evenhandedness … a tidy little indie with steady acting… the performances of Ms. Kitson and Ms. Hurt give it spritzes of energy… it is the latest in a line of small perfect performances in which Ms. Hurt brings a whole complicated person to life.” 

Mark Bell (Film Threat): “An exceptional film … engaging and poignant … a beautiful film with powerful characters and a story you can really connect with … This is the complexity of life; these things actually happen.”


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