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White House Internships

White House Internship Program Announces Spring 2011 Participants

WASHINGTON, DC – The White House Internship Program announced today the participants for the spring 2011 session. The program’s mission is to make the White House accessible to future leaders all around the nation and cultivate and prepare those devoted to public service for future leadership opportunities.

A White House Internship provides a unique opportunity to gain valuable professional experience and build leadership skills. Interns work in one of several White House departments, including the Office of Cabinet Affairs, the Office of the Chief of Staff, the Office of Scheduling and Advance, the Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs, the Office of Health Reform, the Office of Legislative Affairs, the Office of Management and Administration, the Office of White House Counsel, the Office of Energy and Climate Change, the National Economic Council, the Office of Presidential Correspondence, the Presidential Personnel Office, the Communications Department, the Domestic Policy Council, the Office of the First Lady, and the Office of the Vice President.

Additional information about the White House Internship Program is available here: The application for the Fall 2011 White House Internship will be posted on January 31, 2011.

Spring 2011 White House Interns

The below list includes the spring 2011 White House interns, their hometowns and the higher education institution they most recently attended.

Adams, Carrie Hometown: Rochester, NY; College of William & Mary, VA
Ahuja, Gurwin Hometown: Solon, OH; Ohio State University, OH
Anderson, Drew Hometown: Tipton, IN; Indiana University, IN
Alexander, Brittany Hometown: Washington, D.C.; George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
Appleton, Mark Hometown: Phoenix, AZ; Arizona State University, AZ
Arrington, Hattie Hometown: Los Angeles, CA; Pepperdine University, CA
Aylward, Michael Hometown: Buffalo, NY; University of Michigan, MI
Beechem, Stephanie Hometown: Eugene, OR; University of Washington, WA
Benker, Kayla Hometown: Omaha, NE; Claremont McKenna College, CA
Black, Julius Hometown: Beltsville, MD; Northern Virginia Community College, VA
Blackshere, Ryann Hometown: Monrovia, CA; Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, NY
Blauw, Michael Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI; Hope College, MI
Bloomer, Laura Hometown: Sugar Land, TX; University of Texas at Austin, TX
Bowerman, Heather Hometown: San Diego, CA; Harvard University, MA.
Boyer, Helen Hometown: Newark, DE; American University, Washington, D.C.
Briggs, Gary Hometown: New Orleans, LA; Texas Christian University, TX
Brinton, Sadie Hometown: San Francisco, CA; Arizona State University, AZ
Bronstein, Jonathan Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA; University of California-Santa Barbara, CA
Brown, Jamal Hometown: Sacramento, CA; Dartmouth College, NH
Brown, Eboni Hometown: Helena, AL; Wartburg College, IA
Bruns, Jennifer Hometown: St. Louis, MO; Webster University, MO
Cager, Chezia Hometown: Baltimore, MD; College of Notre Dame, MD
Cannon, Mylan Hometown: Columbia, SC; Ohio University, OH
Carreon, Victoria Hometown: Grants, NM; New Mexico Tech, NM
Castle, Kimberly Hometown: Oakland, CA; Northwestern University, IL
Chapman, George Hometown: Brookline, MA; UCLA School of Law, CA
Citak, Jennifer Hometown: Englewood Cliffs, NJ; George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
Coleman, Quonna Hometown: Houston, TX; Texas Southern University, TX
Copeland, Erica Hometown: Los Angeles, CA; George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
Curtis, Jessica Hometown: Portland, OR; McDaniel College, MD
Danak, Avni Hometown: Niles, IL; DePaul University, IL
Dar, Mohammad Hometown: Lake Dallas, TX; University of Michigan Medical School, MI
Day, Alex Hometown: Cupertino, CA; Johns Hopkins University, MD
De Alwis, Ronalie Hometown: Seattle, WA; Seattle University, WA
Dean, Laura Hometown: Bethesda, MD; Harvard University, MA
DeSplinter, Brian Hometown: Denver, CO; University of Notre Dame, IN
Doumet, Mark Hometown: Los Angeles, CA; Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, Washington, D.C.
Ellis, Jennifer Hometown: Vancouver, WA; Indiana University Maurer School of Law, IN
Elmaleh-Sachs, Julia Hometown: New York, NY; University of Maryland-College Park, MD
Epstein, Paige Hometown: Buffalo Grove, IL; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL
Falce, Allyse Hometown: Wethersfield, CT; Northeastern University, MA
Feldman, Shelby Hometown: Seattle, WA; University of South Florida, FL
Fitzpatrick, Kelly Hometown: Los Angeles, CA; University of California-Berkeley, CA
Forbes-Terry, Chelsea Hometown: Hayward, CA; Arizona State University, AZ
Foss, Anne Hometown: Gulf Breeze, FL; University of Florida, FL
Garcia, Eric Hometown: Chino Hills, CA; Chaffey College, CA
Goldstein, Jeffrey Hometown: Newton, MA; University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, MI
Gonzalez, Tiffany Hometown: San Francisco, CA; Georgetown University Law Center, Washington, D.C.
Graboyes, Madison Hometown: Dresher, PA; New York University, NY
Graves, Reynolds Hometown: Grosse Pointe, MI; University of Massachusetts-Boston, MA
Greene, Matty Hometown: Austin, TX; University of Texas at Austin, TX
Hall, Christa Hometown: Citrus Heights, CA; University of California-Berkeley
Harper, Christina Hometown: Ft. Washington, MD; Howard University, Washington D.C.
Hasan, Aisha Hometown: Clarksville, MD; University of Maryland-College Park, MD
Haynes, Quintin Hometown: Rockledge, FL; Florida A & M University, FL
Hildreth, Aaron Hometown: Longmont, CO; University of Utah, UT
Huffman, Mackenzie Hometown: Edina, MN; St. Olaf College, MN
Iyer, Serrena Hometown: Riverside, CT; Yale University, CT
Jones, Eric Hometown: Vidalia, GA; University of Georgia, GA
Kaine, Nathaniel Hometown: Richmond, VA; George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
Kapnik, Benjamin Hometown: Denver, CO; George Washington University Law School, Washington, D.C.
Kaufman, Evan Hometown: Bryn Mawr, PA; Indiana University-Kelley School of Business, IN
King, Colleen Hometown: Cherry Hill, NJ; University of Notre Dame, IN
Layden, William Hometown: Evanston, IL; New York University, NY
Lee, Theresa Hometown: West Nyack, NY; Yale Law School, CT
Levine, Benjamin Hometown: Oceanside, NY; University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
Lewis, Jessica Hometown: Detroit, MI; Howard University, Washington, D.C.
Li, James Hometown: Cypress, CA; Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.
Lichtenheld, Emily Hometown: Austin, TX; University of Texas-Dallas, TX
Little, Bryan Hometown: Charlottesville, VA; University of Virginia, VA.
Loccoh, Emefah Hometown: Ypsilanti, MI; University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, MI
Mantha, Pryanka Hometown: Northridge, CA; University of California-San Diego, CA
Martin, Torri Hometown: Dublin, GA; Troy University, GA
May-Sealey, Alex Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA; Ole Miss, MS
McAllister, Ashkea Hometown: Marshall, MO; Howard University School of Law, Washington D.C.
McCoy, Kendall Hometown: Tahlequah, OK; Northeastern State University, OK
McCreary, Andrew Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT; Yale College, CT
McDonald, Sarah Hometown: St. Charles, IL; Washington University-St. Louis, MO
McKeown, Caitlin Hometown: Milwaukee, WI; George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
Meek, Shantel Hometown: Nogales, AZ; Arizona State University, AZ
Meier-Davis, Katherine Hometown: Buffalo, NY; George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
Mesco, Guenevere Hometown: Albuquerque, NM; University of Pennsylvania Law School, PA
Mills, Eric Hometown: Portland, OR; University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, NC
Monjay, Robert Hometown: Seattle, WA; American University, Washington, D.C.
Montalto, Steven Hometown: Westchester, IL; Benedictine University, IL
Morrice, Brian Hometown: Granville, OH; Bennington College, VT
Myrtetus, Maryrose Hometown: Bensalem, PA; Vassar College, NY
Nguyen, Thao Hometown: Washington, D.C.; George Washington University, Washington D.C.
Nistler, Zachary Hometown: Hutchinson, MN; South Dakota State University, SD
O’Halloran, Daniel Hometown: Chicago, IL; Columbia College Chicago, IL
Orizondo, Melissa Hometown: Lafayette, IN; Indiana University, IN
Owusukoko, Kimberly Hometown: Baltimore, MD; University of Baltimore-School of Law, MD
Palmer, Tiara Hometown: Washington, D.C.; Northern Virginia Community College, VA
Patel, Darshini Hometown: Palo Alto, CA; Wellesley College, MA
Prince, Lauren Hometown: Potomac, MD; Boston University, MA
Raithel, Silvia Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI; University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, MI
Ramani, Rathna Hometown: Sugar Land, TX; George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
Ramos, Jose Hometown: Chicago, IL; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL
Rana, Yasmin Hometown: Oxon Hill, MD; Alabama State University, AL
Reilly, John Hometown: Hockessin, DE; University of Delaware, DE
Reinheimer, Sarah Hometown: Sacramento, CA; University of San Francisco, CA
Reynolds, Conor Hometown: Rochester NY; University of Rochester, NY
Roberts, Laurie Hometown: Amherst, MA; University of Massachusetts-Amherst, MA
Roberts, Alyssa Hometown: Denver, CO; Claremont McKenna College, CA
Rodrigo, Manishi Hometown: Alpharetta, GA; Temple University-Beasley School of Law, PA
Rocha, Victoria Hometown: Reno, NV; University of Nevada-Reno, NV
Ruiz, Alexis Hometown: Acworth, GA; University of Georgia, GA
Salhotra, Neeraj Hometown: Houston, TX; Rice University, TX
Sanders, Valentine Hometown: New York, NY; Macaulay Honors College-City University of New York, NY
Seen, Emily Hometown: Austin, TX; Princeton University, NJ
Segil, Jeanne Hometown: Highland Park, IL; Pomona College, CA
Serebin, Travis Hometown: Germantown, WI; University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI
Shah, Puja Hometown: Colonia, NJ; Kean University, NJ
Shapiro, Marissa Hometown: Syosset, NY; Tulane University, LA
Sharif, Zuheir Hometown: Sacramento, CA; Texas A&M University, TX
Shimm, Avram Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA; Claremont McKenna College, CA
Smith, Gregory Hometown: Buffalo, NY; University of Buffalo, NY
Smith, Nikolis Hometown: Claremont, CA; Sophia University, Japan
Souder, Antonika Hometown: Atlanta, GA; Agnes Scott College, GA
Spindler, Dana Hometown: San Francisco, CA; University of Washington, WA
Stinebring, Jesse Hometown: Oberlin, OH; Hamilton College, NY
Sun, Richard Hometown: Summit, NJ; Columbia University, NY
Syed, Omar Hometown: Tampa, FL; University of Florida, FL
Tausanovitch, Alexander Hometown: Lyme, NH; Yale Law School, CT
Taylor, Jesseca Hometown: Williamston, MI; Michigan State University, MI
Timmerhoff, Logan Hometown: Missoula, MT; University of Montana, MT
Tims, Desiree Hometown: Dayton, OH; Xavier University, OH
Tomaso, Michael Hometown: Chicago, IL; Illinois State University, IL
Toyama, Taryn Hometown: Fremont, CA; San Jose State University, CA
Truong, TuongVan Hometown: Philadelphia, PA; Temple University, PA
Ufkin, Anthony Hometown: Minnesota, MN; Minnesota State University, MN
Valliani, Amira Hometown: Fremont, CA; Yale University, CT
Villalba, Serena Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI; University of California-Los Angeles, CA
Warner, Jack Hometown: New York, NY; University of Michigan, MI
Weinberg, Matthew Hometown: Boston, MA; University of Washington, WA
Wells, Riley Hometown: Winder, GA; Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.
White, Antonio Hometown: Cleveland, OH; Morgan State University, MD
Wiley, Paul Hometown: Cheverly, MD; University of Virginia, VA
Williams, Ian Hometown: Naperville, IL; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; IL
Williams, Ashley Hometown: Bowie, MD; Morgan State University, MD
Winkelvoss, Ryan Hometown: New Milford, CT; American University, Washington, D.C.
Young, Kimberly Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA; University of California-Los Angeles, CA


Monday, January 3, 2011

PR Job: York County Convention and Visitors Bureau

TITLE: Public Relations Coordinator

JOB SUMMARY: Responsible for developing, implementing and tracking effective public relations and promotional campaigns for the YCCVB and its members to targeted consumer and sales markets with the goal of increasing the economic impact of tourism in York County. Responsible for ensuring quality, consistency and accuracy by developing effective content for marketing materials.

REPORTING RELATIONSHIP: Reports to the Destination Marketing Manager.


Researches, develops and implements public relations campaign for consumer and trade markets to obtain earned media goals by:
• Developing and maintaining positive relationships with media.
• Researching and executing a PR Plan. (including specific tactics for various market segments (local, consumer, trade).
• Researching media contacts and maintaining current database of media contacts.
• Developing media release schedule and topics.
• Researching editorial calendars of key publications in target markets for specific pitching opportunities. Drafting pitch letters and sending targeted materials.
• Writing, proofing and distributing accurate, professional and creative media releases in a timely fashion.
• Developing targeted media lists for promotional efforts.
• Developing concepts for media angles and product combinations that will resonate with media outlets.
• Initiating and executing follow-up communications (calls, emails, etc.) to key media.
• Utilizing and maintaining SFA system to store and retrieve media information .
• Soliciting key media for familiarization tour opportunities and responding to familiarization requests received by researching writer credentials and recommending action (recommend visit, decline visit, etc.)
• Developing, producing and guiding individual and group familiarization tours for media.
• Securing complimentary tours, transportation, meals, and accommodations as needed from members for familiarization tours.
• Maintaining a library of clips obtained as a result of public relations efforts.
• Traveling to meet with key media editors, gather information and present targeted York County messages based on the outlet.
• Researching earned media value of clips obtained and compiling into a quarterly report for marketing manager
• Informing members of key media hits when they are featured. Providing members featured with copies of the articles within 3 weeks of securing.
• Researching, developing, maintaining and distributing professional press kits focused on targeted topics.
• Soliciting members for information that relates to pertinent public relations efforts.
• Maintain positive relationship with pr contacts with DCED, Miles Media and state PR firm – contact regularly to learn of focus, efforts and fams and educate in York opportunities.
• Serve as public relations liaison to YCCVB members and partners and work with members on specific public relations requests as needed.
• Ensure earned media includes accurate YCCVB contact info – phone and web address.

Researches, develops and executes an electronic relations campaign by:
• Maintaining Online Press Room and executing quarterly updates of content, photos, etc.
• Developing YCCVB podcast content and working with appropriate vendor to produce podcasts, place online, and track hits and downloads.
• Researching appropriate blogs and submit targeted YCCVB materials.
• Conducting annual link audit of YCCVB websites to gauge the number of members and partners linked to bureau sites, educate members on the value of mutual links and increase the number of partners linked.

Researches, develops and executs local public relations campaign by.
• Planning and executing YCCVB press conferences for maximum positive media coverage
• Researching media contacts and maintaining current database of media contacts.
• Developing media release schedule and topics.
• Writing, proofing and distributing accurate, professional and creative media releases in a timely fashion.
• Maintaining a library of clips obtained as a result of public relations efforts.

Develops and executes a relationship marketing campaign for consumer and trade markets to increase open rate of enewsletters by:
• Developing annual editorial calendar for e-news campaigns including, but not limited to:
o Monthly consumer e-news
o Quarterly trade e-news
o Targeted e-newsletter focused on various interests (UnCork York, Golf, etc.)
o Pre-event/convention e-news (KSG, NHPA, etc.)
• Developing content for all e-newsletters and compiling relevant photos.
• Tracking and monitoring results to gauge effectiveness and using results to recommend adjustments to campaigns as needed.

Researches and develops accurate, effective and creative content for promotional pieces and advertising campaigns by:
• Soliciting members for pertinent information when needed.
• Conducting followup with members as needed to garner necessary information.
• Drafting, editing and proofreading copy for YCCVB advertising campaigns (consumer and trade)
• Drafting, editing and proofreading copy for YCCVB promotional materials (consumer and trade) including brochures, postcards, website, etc.
• Ensuring consistency in all targeted promotional messages.

Achieves financial objectives by:
• Operating within the annual budget, assuring that all expenditures are used to support the strategic plan, accurately tracking all expenditures and reporting variances promptly.
• Preparing annual projects budget and submitting to marketing manager and president in timely manner
• Communicating budget variances as needed.
• Using bureau resources to obtain maximum efficiency and ensuring the best return on our investment

Contributes to the team effort by proactively adopting the value of mutual respect focusing on team collaboration necessary for success of the organization by:
• Participating in board meetings as deemed necessary by President
• Participating in monthly staff meetings
• Preparing committee reports for board meeting as appropriate
• Scheduling and participating in regular meetings with Marketing Manager to report progress on goals

Maintains and increases professional and technical knowledge by:
• Attending approved educational workshops and providing a summary of key points to supervisor, reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; participating in professional societies and actively pursuing development plans as established with immediate superior.

• Contributes to team effort by performing other assigned duties as needed. Maintains cooperative relationship with YCCVB staff by communicating necessary information, responding to requests, building rapport; and participating in problem solving methods.


1. Degree in Public Relations preferred.
2. Up to 2 years of writing and PR experience in marketing or tourism field preferred.
3. Ability to communicate effectively, both written and verbal skills
4. Two years experience in the marketing and/or public relations
5. Demonstrated ability to coordinate a high level of activity under a variety of conditions and constraints and meet program deadlines
6. Familiarity with the York hospitality industry is a plus.
7. Tact, courtesy and initiative in handling problems or customer relations.
8. Ability to use office computer software and working knowledge of the internet and tourism web sites
9. Ability to gather and analyze facts, and implement strategy to obtain objectives.
10. Ability to use personal vehicle for travel ; possess a valid PA drivers license and minimum insurance requirements.
11. Ability to use project management skills (organizing, developing, follow through, and timeliness of project deadlines) to achieve goals
12. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with members, staff, media and consultants.
13. Ability to initiate and implement effective and creative public relations and promotional plans, ideas and programs.

Interested candidates can send their resume to

Running Press Internship

Running Press is seeking interns to participate in part-time, single-semester internships in the editorial department. An editorial intern will function as a part-time editorial assistant to a department of 9 editors.

An intern’s average day involves:
reading and evaluating unsolicited proposals
returning rejected proposal material
researching book information, sales numbers, comparison or competitive titles, and any other general info on the internet or in one of our own databases
phone calls and filing, Xeroxing, faxing, moving boxes, and mailing

Depending on the intern’s skills, s/he may be asked to review a document or typeset pages for errors, continuity, corrections from previous versions, or even light copyediting (again, depending on skills); proofreading is the most common job relating to manuscripts/page proofs.

In order to give the greatest number of students experience with our company, this is not a full-time position. Depending on school schedules, interns are expected to be able to commit to a minimum of 15 hours per week. Unless otherwise discussed, the internship runs the length of one semester and is offered only to current college students.

Interviews for the summer semester will be conducted during the month of April and the dates of the internship are June 1 to August 31. Interviews for the fall semester will be conducted during July and the dates of the internship are September 1 to December 31. Interviews for the spring semester will be conducted during November and the dates of the internship are January 1 to May 31.

In the event of an overwhelming applicant pool for a specific season or semester, we reserve the right to give preference to those students in their junior and senior years.

This is an unpaid internship, and we cannot offer transportation compensation. We are happy to assist the student in receiving course credit for the internship. Please note that an internship with Running Press does not guarantee you a paid position with us in the future.

To apply, please send the following to

Current résumé plus a cover letter, stating your availability for the upcoming semester and any relevant special interests. In your cover letter, please discuss your interest in a career in publishing.

A representative writing sample of fewer than 2 pages—an article, a book review, a personal statement, or anything of the sort.

We’re located within walking distance of two of the main Philadelphia regional rail stations (30th Street and Suburban Station), as well as the 30th Street El. SEPTA buses run regularly nearby. We’re a few blocks off Rittenhouse Square, and across the Chestnut Street Bridge from the Penn campus.

50 Best Careers for 2011: US News and World Report

Professional Writing students can look forward to growth in two specific areas, according to US News and World Report:

PR Specialist

Technical Writer

Job Listing: Editorial Assistant

Mashable (New York, New York)
Posted:December 29, 2010
Address:New York, NY 10010O

Blogging Type: Full-time Description:
Mashable is seeking a talented and experienced editorial assistant to join its team in New York. The editorial assistant will be responsible for researching, fact-checking, writing and editing feature stories, as well as keeping track of editorial calendars and assignments.

Requirements/ Qualifications:

- Based in NYC
- 1-2 years of professional editorial experience
- Strong grasp of grammar and AP Style
- Highly organized
- Excellent writing and communication skills
- Ability to multi-task and work in a fast-paced environment
- Strict attention to detail. Should have experience copy editing
- Knowledge of the technology and social media space
- Hard worker with the commitment to put in extra hours
- Strong familiarity with WordPress (HTML) and social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Benefits: Health insurance
Location: NYC (full-time)
Apply by Website