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PR Job: York County Convention and Visitors Bureau

TITLE: Public Relations Coordinator

JOB SUMMARY: Responsible for developing, implementing and tracking effective public relations and promotional campaigns for the YCCVB and its members to targeted consumer and sales markets with the goal of increasing the economic impact of tourism in York County. Responsible for ensuring quality, consistency and accuracy by developing effective content for marketing materials.

REPORTING RELATIONSHIP: Reports to the Destination Marketing Manager.


Researches, develops and implements public relations campaign for consumer and trade markets to obtain earned media goals by:
• Developing and maintaining positive relationships with media.
• Researching and executing a PR Plan. (including specific tactics for various market segments (local, consumer, trade).
• Researching media contacts and maintaining current database of media contacts.
• Developing media release schedule and topics.
• Researching editorial calendars of key publications in target markets for specific pitching opportunities. Drafting pitch letters and sending targeted materials.
• Writing, proofing and distributing accurate, professional and creative media releases in a timely fashion.
• Developing targeted media lists for promotional efforts.
• Developing concepts for media angles and product combinations that will resonate with media outlets.
• Initiating and executing follow-up communications (calls, emails, etc.) to key media.
• Utilizing and maintaining SFA system to store and retrieve media information .
• Soliciting key media for familiarization tour opportunities and responding to familiarization requests received by researching writer credentials and recommending action (recommend visit, decline visit, etc.)
• Developing, producing and guiding individual and group familiarization tours for media.
• Securing complimentary tours, transportation, meals, and accommodations as needed from members for familiarization tours.
• Maintaining a library of clips obtained as a result of public relations efforts.
• Traveling to meet with key media editors, gather information and present targeted York County messages based on the outlet.
• Researching earned media value of clips obtained and compiling into a quarterly report for marketing manager
• Informing members of key media hits when they are featured. Providing members featured with copies of the articles within 3 weeks of securing.
• Researching, developing, maintaining and distributing professional press kits focused on targeted topics.
• Soliciting members for information that relates to pertinent public relations efforts.
• Maintain positive relationship with pr contacts with DCED, Miles Media and state PR firm – contact regularly to learn of focus, efforts and fams and educate in York opportunities.
• Serve as public relations liaison to YCCVB members and partners and work with members on specific public relations requests as needed.
• Ensure earned media includes accurate YCCVB contact info – phone and web address.

Researches, develops and executes an electronic relations campaign by:
• Maintaining Online Press Room and executing quarterly updates of content, photos, etc.
• Developing YCCVB podcast content and working with appropriate vendor to produce podcasts, place online, and track hits and downloads.
• Researching appropriate blogs and submit targeted YCCVB materials.
• Conducting annual link audit of YCCVB websites to gauge the number of members and partners linked to bureau sites, educate members on the value of mutual links and increase the number of partners linked.

Researches, develops and executs local public relations campaign by.
• Planning and executing YCCVB press conferences for maximum positive media coverage
• Researching media contacts and maintaining current database of media contacts.
• Developing media release schedule and topics.
• Writing, proofing and distributing accurate, professional and creative media releases in a timely fashion.
• Maintaining a library of clips obtained as a result of public relations efforts.

Develops and executes a relationship marketing campaign for consumer and trade markets to increase open rate of enewsletters by:
• Developing annual editorial calendar for e-news campaigns including, but not limited to:
o Monthly consumer e-news
o Quarterly trade e-news
o Targeted e-newsletter focused on various interests (UnCork York, Golf, etc.)
o Pre-event/convention e-news (KSG, NHPA, etc.)
• Developing content for all e-newsletters and compiling relevant photos.
• Tracking and monitoring results to gauge effectiveness and using results to recommend adjustments to campaigns as needed.

Researches and develops accurate, effective and creative content for promotional pieces and advertising campaigns by:
• Soliciting members for pertinent information when needed.
• Conducting followup with members as needed to garner necessary information.
• Drafting, editing and proofreading copy for YCCVB advertising campaigns (consumer and trade)
• Drafting, editing and proofreading copy for YCCVB promotional materials (consumer and trade) including brochures, postcards, website, etc.
• Ensuring consistency in all targeted promotional messages.

Achieves financial objectives by:
• Operating within the annual budget, assuring that all expenditures are used to support the strategic plan, accurately tracking all expenditures and reporting variances promptly.
• Preparing annual projects budget and submitting to marketing manager and president in timely manner
• Communicating budget variances as needed.
• Using bureau resources to obtain maximum efficiency and ensuring the best return on our investment

Contributes to the team effort by proactively adopting the value of mutual respect focusing on team collaboration necessary for success of the organization by:
• Participating in board meetings as deemed necessary by President
• Participating in monthly staff meetings
• Preparing committee reports for board meeting as appropriate
• Scheduling and participating in regular meetings with Marketing Manager to report progress on goals

Maintains and increases professional and technical knowledge by:
• Attending approved educational workshops and providing a summary of key points to supervisor, reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; participating in professional societies and actively pursuing development plans as established with immediate superior.

• Contributes to team effort by performing other assigned duties as needed. Maintains cooperative relationship with YCCVB staff by communicating necessary information, responding to requests, building rapport; and participating in problem solving methods.


1. Degree in Public Relations preferred.
2. Up to 2 years of writing and PR experience in marketing or tourism field preferred.
3. Ability to communicate effectively, both written and verbal skills
4. Two years experience in the marketing and/or public relations
5. Demonstrated ability to coordinate a high level of activity under a variety of conditions and constraints and meet program deadlines
6. Familiarity with the York hospitality industry is a plus.
7. Tact, courtesy and initiative in handling problems or customer relations.
8. Ability to use office computer software and working knowledge of the internet and tourism web sites
9. Ability to gather and analyze facts, and implement strategy to obtain objectives.
10. Ability to use personal vehicle for travel ; possess a valid PA drivers license and minimum insurance requirements.
11. Ability to use project management skills (organizing, developing, follow through, and timeliness of project deadlines) to achieve goals
12. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with members, staff, media and consultants.
13. Ability to initiate and implement effective and creative public relations and promotional plans, ideas and programs.

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